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AI tonight

Well, we watched the David's face off last night.  I thought the opening with the boxing theme was very cool!  Cook did a great job channeling a boxer, while Archie was being a teenage goofball. 

Anyway, I enjoyed the evening, I thought both of them did a great job.  Clive Davis picked out kick a$$ songs for both of them to showcase themselves during.  Vicki is happy that Cook covered the U2 song, finally an idol does U2 and does it well!  And Archuletta really did a good job with Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me.  I mean, that was just as good a choice for him as Imagine was the first time he did it.

Normally I agree with Simon, he's usually right on, but I just couldn't agree with him that Archuletta was a knock out over Cook.  I think he did really well, but I think Cook showed us so much more versatility and performance.  He really is the package when it comes to the AI being a marketable one.  And I so didn't agree with Simon saying that Cook should have done Billie Jean again.  I don't think Archuletta should have done Imagine again.  Yes, they both did them well, the first time. I don't tune in to AI for re-runs.  I don't tune in to see a song I've heard before.  If I like it, I'll d/l it from iTunes!  But I want to see new songs, there are TONS out there to choose from.

So, I felt like a tween last night, as I dialed in for Cook for two hours or so.  I started while I was watching AI (we Tivo'd) and continued through Hell's Kitchen.  Gotta love Hell's Kitchen.  It's just soooooo different, to me anyway.

Of course, I was the one who thought Bones was a shocker of a season finally, when a friend of mine didn't think so.  And House was on track to be a really good season finally, but the second half was a let down because I was disappointed that they killed off Wilson's happiness.

Ok...TV rant over for today.  I'll be disappointed tonight when Archie wins AI because Cook would do better as the AI but we'll still see Cook, I'm sure he'll have a career close to what Daughtry has.


Ok, I have a new guility pleasure

No, it's not the chocolate chip cookies with tea that I had for breakfast, though I suppose that could be one.  I've added a new reality show to our tv menu.  Hell's Kitchen.  Really, the people who do the promo's on this show really are the ones that got me interested in it.  Chef Ramsey is just one crazy, angry perfectionist.  But oddly, he cares about what the people have to give and what their talent could be. 

It's sort of a surreal show - I just can't fathom that someone could yell at people that much, with such language and them not storm off, quitting, with some choice words of their own.  It amazes me, the non cook, at knowledge and thought that these chefs have.  It also amazes me that they are so volitile.  I feel as if the kitchen will blow up at any minute.  That however is probably due to the fact that Chef Ramsey explodes every few minutes on the show.  I think, how and why would people want to do this.  They answer it on the show, because he's one of the best.  And then Chef Ramsey answers it a bit too - the winning Chef gets a job at his restaurant as head chef.  I think whoa, big deal, how much could they make?  Apparently the salary is $250k!

So, I'm just hooked on this guy yelling at the other people and how both brilliant and stupid the chefs are.  They really don't get along and there are a few people you just want to yell at yourself.  I constantly turn to Gary and say, is this show for real?  And he assures me that indeed, many, many head chefs are this way.  I just have no idea - I was in retail where as he grew up as a waiter before moving on to bigger and better things.

Now on to AI.  I should have written out my rant from last week, but I just couldn't sit down and do it.  Last week - what was that?  No critique from the judges after each song!!!  It was very disconcerting, not only to poor confused Paula, but to the audience too.  I mean really, you establish a format over the past 6 years and one day you decide to throw it away in order to rush the show?  Someone was having a bad week.  Anyway, I was sorry to see Brooke go, we liked her alot.  I found G last night saying that he didn't think the show was near as good to watch without her.  As much as I liked her, I disagree.  I enjoyed the show last night.  I find myself yelling at the tv during AI, like I would a basketball game.

Let's see, we have David Cook, Shyesa, Jason Castro and David "the message boy" left.  If Jason Castro doesn't go home this week, this household will be sorely disappointed.  Count yourself lucky if you didn't hear his version of the Marley tune "I Shot the Sheriff".  The only similarities in the song were the fact that he and Bob Marley both have dreads.  Am I the only one that sees that this boy just doesn't care and is soooooooo one dimensional?  My words about Jason, if I were to parody the song he sang - " I shot Jason, I did it in self defense."

I think David Cook should win the show.  He will be the most commercially successful.  But what was he thinking last night trying to do "Hungry Like the Wolf"  Did he listen to how lame the Do, do, do dodo dooooos sounded and how stupid it looked for him to do them on stage?  Worst song choice all season for him Dude.  But I liked his Who cover.

I have to preface this next statement with, normally I like Randy's opinion.  But man, where was his head last night?  He thought Shyesa's version of Tina Turner's rolling was just not good and then he thought David Archulleta was hot.  COME ON DAWG.  Why don't you like Shyesa? She really rocked Tina's song, Simon loved it!  And so did we!  I mean - no one even mentioned the dancing she did, which no other Idol really puts on a performance like she does! (Cook doesn't have to, he has his own style)  The other AI's just stand and sing.  That's only 1/2 the package.  She pulled off the short Tina gold dress and she did the dancing all while doing the song great justice.  And then Randy had the nerve to say don't mess with Sam Cook's song and I thought she blew the house down with that one Dawg!  Talk about feeling and a song chosen for a big voice.  Really, I just loved her performances last night.

Ok, final rant for this AI post, I just have to get this off my chest.  I've been holding it in for weeks now. David A. annoys the hell out of me.  Yes, he's cute and has got a nice voice.  But perhaps there is something about a 17 year old trying to preach a message song each time he goes on stage.  But actually, what I think it is - he's failed to make any kind of connection with his audience.  He's just very one dimensional for me.  All his songs sound the same to me.  I mean yes, he rocked on "Imagine" and I think he did a good job with "Love me Tender" even though he changed an Elvis Prestly song he'd never heard, but that's a whole 'nother rant.  But I can predict the sound of each of his songs - Gary says the same thing.  I just can't picture his songs being a commercial success.  It's obvious his cuteness factor is a hit with the teen audience and even adults.  But he's got to figure out how to be hip or his career will die until he wakes up one day, he's 40 and the songs and singing he does now fits his age.

Alright, I'm sure that's more than you wanted to read about reality shows.  I just had to get it off my chest!

Off to find better pics to post...


P.S.  I'm sure NAZ could shed some light on the whole Hell's Kitchen thing too....