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First Cup of Tea Thoughts

Good Morning...well, actually it's a nice dreary morning...and that's why I slept in, a little. In any case, as I went about the morning routine of waking dogs, fixing tea and all those other things...I had random thoughts....they probably don't have a point but here goes...

My Mom and Grandmother sent me an article awhile back, one of those where you write in to a Dear Abby type. In it was a suggestion that you use baking soda to help your roseaca (I still have no idea how to spell it). So, I tried it - but it didn't say anything on HOW to apply said baking soda or what it would do...but it sounded better than the vinegar they recommended. Who wants their face to smell like vinegar? In any case, I took a cotton ball and dabbed it on...just like a makeup powder. Yes, it left my face looking a bit like a mime. So, I stopped that. At the beginning of the year I saw the article on Yahoo about "The Compact". The group of people who resolved not to buy anything new for a year, so I joined their yahoo group for awhile. (this is a whole other experience) And they were talking about using baking soda to wash hair and a whole bunch of things which I just couldn't imagine. However, a couple of weeks ago, I did buy a large container of the baking soda to see if I could make some of the home cleaning products that I had seen on this list. And I finally read the back of the box, where it recommends as a face cleaner and how to mix it. Yes, a little light went on in my head when I read it and I felt tres, tres stupid for the cotton ball application.

In any case, I did try it, but the first time used way too much on my wash cloth and felt like I sand papered my face and spent the next hour re-washing my face. As I would look in the mirror and see white patches. I mean to tell you that when you put that stuff in your wash cloth, you might as well get another one - sand paper! So, I took a break and thought I would try again this morning, with less. Still - sand paper. I would really like to tone down my roseaca, but I'm not sand papering my face every morning.... so the sand paper/baking soda saga continues... And I need another cup of tea...

The other thing that I've been thinking about for a couple of days is this article I read of Suze Orman's. I don't really like Suze all that much, but that could have to do with the fact that every time I read a financial article I shiver in distaste, because it's either common sense or I should have done it...but I'm self employed. (there's much more to that statement...but this is already long) In any case the article was 8 things wealthy women do...http://finance.yahoo.com/expert/article/moneymatters/24202.

I've been trying to be a more organized person as of late. More productive, cleaner house, dogs always clean and brushed *winces*. In any case, I believe it's number 7 or 8 on this list that says - wealthy woman have clean houses. Have you ever seen a wealthy woman with a messy, unorganized house? And now I keep seeing this phrase every where I look in my house: "if this quality [cleanliness] is not up front and center, wealth will elude you and you will be left with the mess that you created" So, I'm trying....I don't need to be wealthy, but some more shopping money would be nice! ;)

In any case, Duncan wants to be fed, after all it is 9 minutes after 8am.