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And One Time at Ranch Camp....

Yesterday Cathy, Marilee and I ventured up to Flagstaff to do a photo shoot for the Arizona Border Collie Rescue calendar.  We were in search of snow but on the way we found some Gorillas in the Mist, some Ranch Camp stories and they learned to enjoy the art that is a pointless story.  We've decided that as part of the calendar fund raiser we need to charge money for people to come along on these photo shoots we end up having so much fun!

The day started out with me driving up to Cathy's house in 65 degree weather where I met her ducks.  Yes, she has ducks, she's a herding home now.  Last year I was introduced to the world of herding while working on this calendar and I got to see sheep and goats being worked.  Now, I've seen it all, ducks being worked is just a hoot to watch!  And coming from a family of Golden Retrievers and to walk into the world of Border Collies is just such a difference.  I'm used to goofy, showy Goldens and BC's are intense bundles of energy with drive that is beyond belief.  It's really neat to step into a different dog world.  I enjoy seeing what the difference is in what the dog is bred to do.  I highly recommend it!

Then we were off, three girls and a dog catching up on life in the fast lane.  C told us stories of Ranch Camp - which if you've seen American Pie and the line from that movie "And one time at Band Camp..."  - C had taken that line over.  I was the queen of pointless stories - still giggling to the high heavens about the French mistake I made the other day about RDA having taken his head off and held it in his hands.  And M was there to laugh at us both.

Miss Faith relaxing in her trailer awaiting the next round of shots!

We made it to the Mickey D's in Flag to meet up with our other models for the day.  By the time we got there it was time to put on the sweat shirts as it was 38 degrees.  (Les femmes met un chandail)  As we went up the mountain the temperature gauge read 32.  So we parked on the side of the road up in Snowbowl and this is what we found!

The Aspen trees were beautiful! And the dogs just had a ball in the snow running up and down the mountain! 

While we were out it did start to snow a bit and when we went to download the photos in the car and warm up, it started a mini blizzard for about 15 minutes. So we had good timing.

 Here's another spot that I chose and told Faith's Mom that I wanted her to stand in the middle of this opening and be a wolf.  Of course she just looked at me like "yeah right".  I was referring to all those National Geographic pictures you see of the wolves in between the trees.  So, she starts to walk straight up the middle when I call her back.   Being the high maintenance photographer I am, I made her and Faith wander through the woods on the right side so as to not mess up the snow in front. 

Here's the spot.  Behind the second log.

All in all, it was a fun day in the snow in the month of MAY!  We took a few more shots at a non snow spot in Flagstaff and then headed for home.  Well, actually heading for 0:beer:30 and BBQ at Kick Ass BBQ in Black Canyon City.  It's a great little place off the side of the highway with sawdust on the floor and yes, kick ass BBQ!

Here's the last of the snow pics:

Two of the BC's actually jumped up on top of the big rock on the left!  Way cool.

Golden Retriever, Ashby, National Canine Cancer Foundation

My Little BC went home.

Well, my perfect model Border Collie, Miss Morgan has found her forever home. It is both a happy and sad occasion. Happy because someone did a great thing by adopting a rescue BC and will have a GReat member of their family. Sad for G and I who were quite attached to our little BC girl.

There she is with Wrigley relaxing before we did one last photo shoot for Easter and before we took her home. Home, that sounds so weird. She was quite at home here, as you can see.

Her new home is two acres with 4 horses, 4 goats, chickens and ducks. She has a BC brother who is one year old and also a rescue and a 12 yr old heeler. The family also has 2 teenage kids too. When we left yesterday to take her home, we packed her bag with her favorite bones (enough to share with her new brothers) and toys and a bed that all the kids had taken turns sleeping on, so she'd have a familar smell for the short adjustment period. Of course I wrote a big LONG note of what she knows and what she likes - to make me feel better, I'm sure she'll change according to her new family.'s way of life.

Once we were on the road, we had to stop for lunch and had In and Out Burger, and you know she got some treats from us! She saw alot of new people who thought she was quite cute and intelligent. She also saw one of those big garbage push carts and just wasn't too impressed with it. Then off we went for the 45 minute drive out to her new house.

When we got there, she was so bold and excited. We used to have to coax her through doors from inside to out, but she walked in the door just as bold as she pleased. Her two brothers were on lead and waiting to meet her. Once all the sniffing was over we took the tour and went out back. Here she really got to know her BC brother and they just ran and ran and ran. We continued on our tour, back on lead to the goat pens. I handed over her lead for the first time to their daughter who I'm sure will be the one she bonds with. Morgie wasn't too sure about those goats at first, but she studied and studied them. I'm sure she enjoy annoying them over the years. Her older brother Jack promptly went out and jumped in a trough of water and rolled in the dirt and pranced around the two BC's showing them he was allowed EVERYWHERE, because he knew the rules! He was a hoot!

We showed Morgie the doggie door, which she'd never seen at our house and was a bit perplexed by. At this point, it was time to go, I felt. She was comfortable, hovering away from us and I went to say something nice about how good a home she would have and started to cry. I felt silly because she was going to be loved, she wasn't dying. G hugged me and I made him start to cry. The family left us alone for a minute to say goodbye to Miss Morgie who had gone off to the laundry room and found something under the rack in there. So, G and I petted her and told her we loved her and we moved off into the living room with her.

We stayed a few more minutes while she got her bed situated and gave her a bone. The family was really nice and was trying to say that she would be well taken care of and that the daughter wanted to do agilty with her and that they would send pictures. I so desperately wanted to say Thank you to them and that I thought she would be fine and that they were a good home, but I couldn't all I could do as I raced for the door was give a thumbs up, which I'm sure looked stupid. I don't think G was much better than me.

And of course I cried on the way home. But I called over there this morning to see how the little girl was adjusting and she is just having a ball. Apparently Morgie and Rocky wouldn't give the family the time of day after we left because they were too busy playing with each other. And at some point Morgan was soooo tired she just passed out in the kitchen and they carried her to her crate. She said that Morgie opened only one eye and promptly fell back asleep. Later in the evening she curled up on the daughter's lap and apparently she alternated sleeping with her BC brother and their son last night. They say she might have missed us a bit last night as she howled a little bit in her crate, but I'm not sure about that, she sounds like she's pretty content in her new home.

I'm glad to have had Morgan in our life, but I'm not sure I can do that again, unless I plan to be a foster failure, which I could very easily have been with Miss Morgan. G definately says he can't do the fostering because it's just too much. I think the payoff is great - we helped a super pup that was in need and she will have a great life, but there is a little hole in our heart where Morgie lives.

OK...well, there it is - stay tuned for the Easter picture out takes because we had a ball with the pictures and she had a ball with the grass!