Sara Nice (sclairef99) wrote,
Sara Nice

It's Just Too Fast

This is a picture of Kramer and Cyndy. Kramer is Emma's Dad. Cyndy is a mentor and friend of ours in the dog show world. Today she lost her very short battle with Cancer. We only found out she was admitted to the hospital yesterday. The last time we saw her was at our friend Dawn's funeral. That makes two friends lost to Cancer this year. In less than 6 months time.

The dog show world in Arizona will be drastically shaken by Cyndy's loss, she was a constant and prominent figure in the ring.

My funny story about Cyndy has to do with when we met. Gary had been doing research into getting a show dog. He had started meeting people prior to us meeting. One person he had met was Cyndy. One day he took me to my very first dog show, Kachina, which is always around my birthday. We didn't know anyone yet, but he wanted to introduce me to Cyndy. We found the largest concentration of Golden Retrievers and there she was. So, he did the introduction and then I remember walking away thinking, well, I don't think she liked me. Gary reassured me that when he had met her before she was much nicer. We went on to watch the Goldens where he pointed out Shaq(Bailey's and his handler, Bruce Schultz. After they had finished showing, we met Bruce and Gretchen Schultz, who would also become our friends and mentor.

Now, when I first met Cyndy, I knew nothing about showing a dog. It wasn't until I started showing Ashby that I figured out why Cyndy's first impression was not the best. We had approached her BEFORE ring time. There's alot to getting a dog ready prior to showing it and alot riding on the whole 2 to 10 minutes you might be in the ring. So, she was in the middle of getting ready for the ring and not in a mindset to talk! I've been in that mindset many times now!

As we started to show, we started to get to know the Arizona dog people who are now some of our good friends. I am happy to count Cyndy as one of my good 'dog' friends. She taught us alot about the breeding of Goldens and grading a litter of puppies. When I first started taking pictures of dogs, I asked Cyndy if I could come over and take pictures of her litter. I did this with several litters. We had a great time and I have some nice pictures. (all of which are film that I don't have scanned) One year we had a Christmas party and hosted a 'Best Cheesecake' contest. Cyndy and Gary cooked their famous cheesecakes and Cyndy's was voted the best. We also had a suprise birthday party for Gary over at Cyndy's house. This is when the Bailey/Sage litter had been born. Cyndy was one of the first people who asked to breed to Bailey and that is where we got Duncan from. And it is also the litter that Emma's mom Tessie was born in.

There are many other great times, but these are the ones the stick in my head right now. Whenever I stand in the ring in a show in Arizona, I will look around and miss the sight of one of the most prominent and well respected owner/handler and breeder in the state, Cyndy Heisler. But the catalog will show Cyndy's presence for many years to come in the form of Sonoran Golden Retrievers listed within.

We miss you Cyndy.



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