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Starting late again

So, it's 9:30. I haven't walked the dogs, I've only fed them. I've had 3 cups of tea and I need to take St. Pat's Day pics of the little BC and I'm still in my PJ's. However I have good music in my ears that should be inspiring any minute now.

I've been talking back and forth via email with V this morning. She is Emma's breeder and owns Duncan's sister Tessie, Princess Tessie that is. I should mention that since Princess Tessie is the mother Emma's litter theme was "Royal", meaning you had to have that word in her AKC name. You see since Emma is a show dog, we named her: Sparkle Nice's 1 Royal 2 Watch. As in keep your eye on this stunning bitch in the ring. (In the show world, if you don't say bitch to denote a girl - you get laughed So anyway so, I was talking with V this morning about the entries and setting up for the show and such. As I'm telling her about my discussion with the entry ladies regarding Emma where I had sounded like quite the novice despite my 10 years experience now, I realize that I have the first confirmations of entry in front of me in the mail. So, as I open them I am horrified to realize that I am not entered in the brood bitch class. This would be the class where Tessie goes in the ring with her puppies, Emma and Tasha and is judged by how good the pups look, how well bred they were. I was specifically asked if I would do this and enter the class. So, I immediately called the superintendant and inquired as to why my entry was not made, because I definately asked for it. After a few minutes the lady found my entries and confirmed my entry into the 6-9 puppy class and then found the request for brood bitch...and then said to me - She's 6 mo old and she's had a litter? NO - I say horrified and then as if this lady's coffee just kicked in with her math abilities - she says....only the Mother enters the class and any of her puppies that are entered in the show are allowed in the ring with her, you don't enter. So, I creep back into my shell abit, confidence knocked off the I thought I was a well informed conformation person...but I got a new lesson in entries at a show.

So, that's my remotely interesting story for today, one which I hope has a my hubs says I tell alot of stories w/o points...but you see to me...that's life...sometimes...

Off I go to try and be productive!

Tags: 6-9 puppy classes., brood bitch, conformation, dog shows, golden retrievers, goldens

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